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Explore what M.A.S.S. has to offer.
A unique Kansas City experience!

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The New Look.

The field was once a Nike Missile site that was later turned in to a school. In its Early years as an airsoft field it was known as Mako Advanced Combat Center (MACC). The new owner took over in 2018 and renamed it Missouri Airsoft and Simulation Site. The field was promptly overhauled, cleaned up, and a Pro Shop was added.

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Hours of Operation

Come Visit

Mon - Fri: Closed

Sat: 9am - 4pm

Sun: 9am - 4pm

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What is Available.


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Perishable Items

  • A variety of Guns from Starters to more advanced

  • BBs and Batteries

  • Sodas, Waters and Snacks

  • And Many More Accessories...

Field Map

M.A.S.S. is a great mixture of wooded areas and indoor close quarters combat (CQB) spread over 30 acres. The buildings are color coded and marked around the window sills and door ways. 

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Rules and Regulations


All players must wear Full Seal ANSI z87.1 rated eye protection while playing at all times. The eye protection must form a complete seal around your eyes by the means of either rubber, foam, or some other type of seal. Please consult an admin if you have questions about a specific type of eye protection. Please note that mesh eye protection is not allowed.

Face protection is required for all players under the age of 18. No exceptions are allowed. Face protection includes mesh masks, balaclava, shemagh, or full face mask. Please note that if you are wearing a mask that covers your entire face, you must still have ANSI z87.1 rated eye protection underneath.

All players must wear closed toe shoes and carry a dead rag made up of some type of bright red fabric to indicate they have been hit. This will help prevent being shot again/overshot. Any night games will require player to carry a red light/red glow stick to indicate they are hit. This is highly suggested even for day time games as some buildings contain darker areas.

NO BB GUNS OR FIREARMS ALLOWED! If you are legally allowed to have a firearm, it must stay inside your car and not be seen. You will be removed & banned if violating this rule.

Knives are allowed for utilitarian purposes only. A knife shall and will not ever come into contact with another player. You will be removed and banned if violating this rule.

Bio & Non-Bio bbs are allowed for use. Tracer bbs are allowed as well. No glass, silica, paint, or metal bbs allowed.


All weapons must pass through the chrono station every time you attend a open play and or event and be tagged as such.

All AEG & Spring weapons will chrono with provided .20g bbs. All Gas & HPA guns will chrono with provided .32 bbs. Please note all green gas/cO2 pistols will chrono with .20g bb.

Rifleman - 400fps with .20g or 320fps with .32g. 0ft MED Semi-Auto only inside & outside.

Pistols - 400fps with .20g. 0ft MED Semi-Auto only inside & outside.

DMR - 450fps with .20g or 355fps with .32g. 50ft MED Semi-Auto only inside & outside. Please note DMR applies to any rifle shooting between 401fps to 450fps.

SAW/LMG - 450fps .20 or 355fps with .32g. 50ft MED Full-Auto allowed. Not allowed to use inside building room to room. You are allowed to shoot from inside a building to outside & outside to inside. Please note that the 50ft MED still applies and if shooting from inside a building, the barrel of your SAW/LMG must break the door/window plane by 5 inches. This is to prevent a player from walking down the side of a building and accidentally being sprayed with bbs in their face. Please watch your amount of fire to prevent over shooting.

Sniper - 550fps with .20g or 435fps with .32g. 100ft MED Bolt Action only.

Grenades - Must function and preform as intended to count as going off. Ex. Thunderb must explode, EG-67 must explode, Cyclone must shoot bbs, ect. BB strike is not required to count as a hit. If inside a room and not behind hard cover such as a wall, you are hit. If outside and not behind hard cover, 15ft kill radius from the site of detonation.

Rockets- Must function and preform as intended to count as going off. Ex. TAG round must explode. If inside a room and not behind hard cover, you are hit. 20ft kill radius if outside & not behind hard cover. If rocket is a dummy round or foam nerf type round for example, kill radius is from original impact site otherwise it is from the site of detonation.

Melee - Must be rubber or foam type weapon. Please see admin if you have questions for a specific melee weapon. Gentle tap to the players body counts as a kill, no hard stabs or slashes. If hit by a melee weapon, you can not be revived and must return to respawn or wait for your bleed out time if applicable to the specific game. You are not allowed to yell hit or call for a medic. Melee death is a silent death. Let the NINJA do NINJA things!

Medic rules are TBD based on specific game modes and/or events taking place. All rules will be stated during pre-game admin briefing where you will always be able to ask questions and get clarity as needed.

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